Navigating the Ethics of Field Research in International Development

Researchers in international development often conduct field surveys. Throughout the survey process, from design to dissemination of findings, we must adhere to ethical practices at all times. Ethical considerations are essential components of responsible research, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our field work is conducted ethically and with the utmost care and […]

EDI Global Welcomes New MEL Director Dr Donna Harris

EDI Global is excited to welcome its new Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning, Dr Donna Harris. Donna will lead and build our MEL practice as the company expands its service offering across East Africa and globally.

Why Every Master’s Degree in Development Needs a Course on Data Quality

Why Every Master’s Degree in Development Needs a Course on Data Quality The importance of high-quality data has long been recognized by development researchers and practitioners. Having reliable data is essential for understanding trends in key indicators such as poverty, employment, and sustainable development goals, as well as for testing theoretical models and informing policy […]

Welcoming New Members to our Research Team

Welcome to our newest team members, Jyothsna, Aurélie and Visheshika! I am excited to introduce you to some of the newest members of EDI Global’s Research Team. First, I would like to introduce Jyothsna Yasarapu, who has recently joined us as a Senior Research Officer. Jyothsna previously worked in social sector consulting in India undertaking […]

15 Years of Using Electronic Data Collection

Programming a survey entails more than merely replicating the paper version as an electronic format. There are various aspects you need to think about when programming the survey instrument.